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GenGroups are where community happens!

GenGroups are where you can get to know people and be known. We believe no one should do life alone; everything is better in community! That’s why we offer a variety of groups designed to meet people where they’re at in their journey. Whether you’re connecting over a shared interest, topic, book study, or fitness, we know there’s a place for you to find your people!

Registration for our fall semester GenGroups will go live on Sunday, August 27th.

The fall semester runs for 12 weeks and begins in September and ends in November.


Our winter semester will run January through March. Registration will be available 2 weeks before the semester begins.

three things every Gengroup provides


Groups get us out of rows and into circles, so that we can not just know people, but become known.  We believe that time over time equals relationship, so intentional time together is ultimately going to result in friendships.  Groups provide a regular time for us to be together! 


Relationships grow through shared experiences.  At Generations Church we believe that Friends Make Life Better.  Many groups will meet over a shared interest, a common goal or a desire to learn something.  Join a group to talk, laugh,  and have a lot of fun!


There’s more to being a Christian than just attending church on Sunday and reading your Bible.  We’re meant to dive deep into our faith with friends.  Groups are a great place to discuss the message from the weekend, share needs with one another, ask questions and pray together. 

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