Matthew 17:20


Are you ready?

we're kicking off!

We’re ready to get together and even though some things had to change in the model, we’re still very excited to get to hang out with you, encourage you and partner with you in your faith journey! 

Wednesday, september 30th

7:00 - 8:30 pm

Locations: We’re meeting in the homes of our GenYouth leaders

Drop-off and Pick-up Window is 6:45 – 8:45 pm

What's New?

We’re asking the youth to sign up for GenYouth this time. We’d like to know who’s coming so we can have space and leaders prepared. It is important that you let us know you’re coming for the semester, you only need to sign up once and you can sign up at any time during the semester to let us know you’re joining us!

This year small groups are by grade and will be co-ed. Each small group will meet weekly in the home of their GenYouth leader for an opportunity to hang out, build relationship and strengthen our faith. We also have a few new faces on the team and we’re so excited to have them join us, you’re going to love them!

What's the same?

Our values have not changed, we still believe in partnering with parents and students on their faith journey. We want to continue to build relationships, encourage and call out students God given talents and see them succeed in life. It is still a priority to us that we teach and preach the gospel to their situation by building trust in relationship. We want to encourage students to see themselves in the gospel, to apply the principles of scripture to their lives and to take the opportunities to put their faith into action. So even though the model will change this year, we want to assure you that the heart of GenYouth will stay the same.

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