Your generosity is changing lives

Giving tithes and offerings is a response to Christ’s generous love for us.
We teach on tithing and giving generously not because we need your money, but because we want to help you experience a trust relationship with God.

As we give, we reflect His heart, and our generosity impacts our world.
Your generosity not only has an impact in our community and region, but also helps initiatives that we have partnered with around the world.

Simple and secure giving.
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Be sure to include your email and address for tax receipt purposes!
First time givers
If this is your first time giving online or by e-transfer, we ask that you please fill out this brief form so that we can collect your contact info. This info is used when generating tax receipts each year.

Email Money Transfer

  Send an e-transfer from your personal bank account to

•  If this is your first time giving via e-transfer, please use this button to send us your contact information so that we can send you a charitable receipt

Note: This is our preferred method as there are no additional fees charged to the charity.

Church Centre App

  Give quickly and easily with your payment method of choice in the Church Centre App or give directly, by clicking “Give Now” below.

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