Summer Mix Tape Vol. 5

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Summer Mixtape Vol. 3

Podcast Videos Week 7: Why Can’t I Hear God? [Pastor Amy Hansen] Week 6: The Way [Tyson Hickson] Week 5: What You Need Is Oxygen [Janna Kent] Week 4: Another Brick In The Wall [Tyler Sutherland] Week 3: Guest Speaker [Pastor Leonard Rutten] Week 2: Get Up [Christine Sutherland] Week One: The Vending Machine [Karlyle… Continue reading Summer Mixtape Vol. 3

Summer Mixtape vol.2

Week 1: 5 for 5 Week 2: Feels Like Home – Christine Sutherland Week 3: Awake My Soul – Tyler Sutherland Week 4: There Was Jesus – Pastor Amy Week 5: Dress for Success – Janna Kent Week 6: Be Still – Karlyle Kent

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